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Navigating Organisational Politics

Navigating Political Landscapes and Securing Early Wins During Days 31 to 60


Are you ready to transform your leadership from adequate to exceptional? Mastering organisational politics is not merely a skill—it's an essential art that demands both strategic insight and tactical prowess. This instalment in our First 100 Days series dives deep into the nuanced world of internal politics. It equips you with the tools not just to navigate but to thrive within the complex dynamics of your organisation. Embark on this journey with us to uncover the critical strategies that will secure your early victories and cement your status as a transformative leader during the crucial days 31 to 60.


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Managing Organisational Politics

Understanding and effectively navigating the political landscape within your organisation is vital to building support and driving impactful change:

  • Understand the Political Landscape: Spend time understanding your organisation's power structures and critical players. Recognising who influences decisions and their priorities can significantly enhance your ability to tailor strategies effectively.

  • Secure Early Wins: Focus on achieving tangible and impactful outcomes that can be directly attributed to your leadership initiatives. These early successes build your credibility and demonstrate your capability as a decisive leader.



Tom, the Operations Manager at a multinational corporation, strategically utilised his deep understanding of the company's informal networks to fast-track the approval for a revolutionary logistics strategy. This initiative showcased his adeptness at navigating company politics and significantly improved operational efficiency, earning him widespread recognition and credibility within the company.


Insights from Leaders and Research

Experts from Harvard Business School highlight that political acumen is a crucial leadership skill comparable to operational and strategic management. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, notes that effective navigation of company politics involves less manipulation and more about aligning individual motivations with broader organisational goals. Research from IMD Business School supports this view, suggesting that leaders who adeptly manage organisational politics are better positioned to implement strategic changes and foster a culture of innovation.

A study by Stanford University further illuminates the complexities of organisational politics. It emphasises that leaders must be adept at reading social cues and leveraging informal networks to push their agendas successfully. Leaders like Sundar Pichai of Google have been noted for their ability to maintain transparency and foster open dialogue, which has been crucial in navigating the internal politics of the tech giant.

Man pressing on Transparency on a glass panel with next to the symbol transparency a checklist on one side and a communication symbol on the other


Utilising Feedback and Communication

  • Feedback Loops: Establish open channels for feedback within your team and across departments. Regular feedback sessions can help you gauge the temperature of various groups and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  • Strategic Communication: Communication is the most potent tool for managing organisational politics. Being clear, consistent, and transparent in your communications can help prevent misunderstandings and misinterpretations that often exacerbate political issues.



Navigating the political landscape effectively is critical to establishing your leadership and achieving early success. By understanding and strategically leveraging the internal dynamics, you can secure the necessary support to implement meaningful changes and position yourself as an effective leader. 

Call to Action

Explore the political dynamics within your organisation and develop strategies to achieve early wins that bolster your leadership credentials. Please share your experiences or seek advice on overcoming political challenges in the comments below or join our vibrant discussion on social media.

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